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A Brief Product History

In 1994 Control Design began by specializing in the design and manufacture of long-distance UHF 450-470Mhz and VHF 150-172Mhz wireless radio-modem technology for automation and control equipment.

By 1998 our wireless radio-modem technology was extended with non-programmable controller capabilities to meet the need for extended on-site functions on the radio-modem unit.

During 2003 we extended the non-programmable unit features to include Basic52 programmability with Modbus, a Display/Keypad and many new features needed to make a complete on-site solution package.

From 2007 to the Present we have continued to develop new product features using "Latest Technology" improvements
such as:
> Memory that is Non-Volatile, does NOT require batteries and does NOT wear out,
> Real Time Clock that is non-volatile and keeps time to better than 2 minutes per year,
> Microprocessor with high-speed and 128 bit extended computing power,
> Modbus with both Dual 16 bit and Single 32 bit (Enron) Register support for Floating point.
> Radio-Modem capabilities greatly improved with a new "Self-Tuning" algorithm.

Some of Our Customers include Irrigation Districts such as Elephant Butte and Middle Rio Grande in New Mexico, the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, and many other Irrigation Districts throughout the Western States.

Our Radio Products are designed for noisy, weak signal and high traffic radio spectrum environments.

Our proprietary "Tuned Modem Technology" includes a new "Self Tuning" algorithm which allows for exact matching of the modem to the radio. It also allows for weak signal jitter, which is a common problem with weak radio signals, to be "tuned" out allowing the modem to recover data accurately when the signal is at it's worst.

All of the products include:
> Industrial Grade Analog and Digital I/O Ports,
> Integrated Radio-Modem, Modbus Protocol,
> Built-In Solar/DC Charge Controller,
> Simple-To-Use Basic52 Programmability,
> Multiple (5), Multi-Use Com Ports and
> Built-In, Precision +5, +12 and +24 volt Sensor Power sources.

Additional Options include Displays, Keypads, Relay and Gate Controls, Pneumatic (Bubbler) Sensors, Custom Enclosures, Etc.

Designed in the field for the people that use them, with the greatest functionality and reliability, this product line has the features and performance to meet the requirements for Remote, Industrial Automation and SCADA.

We've been Building and Improving our products for more than Twenty Years and We take great pride in delivering and supporting a first rate product!!!


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