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Control Design, Inc., (CDi) is a technology company that manufactures monitoring and control equipment to monitor and manage natural resources like water, oil, and gas. One of its most important markets is the water and irrigation industry. Control Design’s custom-built equipment can measure, and report flows in remote and challenging terrain, making it perfect for irrigation and water districts with infrastructure spread out over large mountain and desert regions.

We want our customers to understand that they do not have to spend a fortune to get the quality tools they need to manage their resources. Our technologies make it affordable and feasible to get out there and take care of these resources. We want to continue to expand on that. Our customers are our first priority. We are ready and organized to get out there and do the job.

Who We Are

At CDi, each person on our team brings something unique to the table. The diversity of our collective background and experience allows us to approach each case creatively culminating in the most efficient solution possible for the customer.

Jim Conley


I have been involved with radio communications since I was around 20 years old. I studied radio communications at a small college in eastern Kentucky. After that, I worked in radio communications for General Electric and Motorola. I spent about 20 years in data systems, microwave, and general radio-type communications. That’s where I saw the opportunity and developed the idea for this product.

Rod Stone


The co-owner of CDi, along with Jim, is a man named Keith Marshall, who owns several companies on whose boards I serve. Keith and I went to college together, and I have been actively helping him run his companies for the past 4½ years. When Keith and Jim formed a partnership to found CDi, Keith asked me to oversee and run the company. I’m not active in the day-to-day operations of the business, but I oversee its activities and provide support and resources as necessary.

David Gensler

R&D Specialist
David Gensler brings 31 years of water measurement and management expertise to CDI. David recently retired from the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD), where he spent 25 years as MRGCD’s Hydrologist and Water Operations Manager. Prior to coming to MRGCD he spent seven years installing pumps and instrumentation in wells, conducting groundwater investigations and building well-monitoring networks.

Felix Diaz

R&D Specialist

I am from the East Coast and only moved to Albuquerque, NM recently. I have degrees in computer engineering and philosophy. That combination, along with working with medical diagnostics and Fortune 500 companies for a couple of years, showed me that the industry-leading technologies that Fortune 500 companies use are accessible to anybody who is bold enough to go after them. I came to realize that water, one of our oldest industries, needs this technology the most. I started wondering how I could get into this industry and how water could be better managed and organized. It just so happens that I met an individual who decided to bring me all the way to the West Coast to help figure out how to show districts that this technology is attainable.

Cecil Deveau

Field Installation/Programming

I am a 20-year retired US Navy veteran originally from Freeport, Maine. The Navy initially brought my wife and I to Albuquerque in 2010, which ultimately led to our decision to settle down in the Duke City when I retired in 2020. With two decades of experience in electrical controls, maintenance, and customer support it was clear that the Control Design team was the perfect fit. Presently an Electrical Engineering student at Arizona State University, I’m driven to build on my technical abilities to further improve how CDi is reimagining the field of water control automation. With a passion for sustainability and water accountability, I am here to help solve your unique needs with our ever growing catalog of automation solutions!

Matthew Jaramillo


My career started in Colorado as a hydraulic mechanic. I started a family and moved back to my hometown Albuquerque to be a project manager at Graybar Electric. I grew a love for sales and the relationships and friendships sales allows me to create.  After 19 years of outside sales and working with many different products and services it has taught me that none of them compare to the products Control Design Inc. (CDi) offers. We help solve a growing challenge with limited water resources. Working with Control Design Inc. I am not only getting the opportunity to help reduce the impact of drought and provide the ability to extend our water resources for the Community/District, Farmers, and Ranchers but also my family and yours for generations to come. 

Preservation By Design

At Control Design, it’s not just our business to help
clients optimize natural resource management, we
feel it’s our responsibility. Our mission is to be good
stewards of what we have so that generations that
follow will have it too.

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