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A Bolt-on Solution for Canal Gates

The Control Design Gate Motorization Kit (CD-GMK) is a bolt-on solution for most any canal gate. This gate is a flexible package that offers all of the automation, motorization, and communications equipment to have a fully articulated, remotely automated gate solution. The gate kit cuts down on time usage, vehicle cost, and greatly decreases the manual operations required to run a canal.

Make the Most of Existing Equipment

  • Reduced Operating Costs Increases Productivity
    Automation means fewer site visits resulting in time savings.
  • Increased Functionality
    Motorized gates can be operated locally with switches or remotely via radio communication. On-site hand crank operation remains functional.
  • Bolt-On Installation Utilizes Existing Gates
    Self-installation is easy or CDi will install at your site.
  • Multiple Power Supplies
    Solar power continually recharges battery for long life. AC power is backed up by battery when solar is not an option.
  • Self-Protective Sensors For Fail Safe Operation
    Features like current monitoring and limit switches protect your infrastructure from damage and foreign objects.
  • Accurate Real-Time Gate Positioning
    Displayed locally and can be read remotely.
CDi Gate Motorization Kit Diagram

CDi Automation Makes it Possible.

A ditch rider wakes up in the morning, and from their home, can adjust a gate on their portion of the canal, to respond to a flood event or make their daily changes.

A farmer can adjust his turnout gates with the flip of a switch, and even decide to load a program that adjusts the exact position of the gate based on the amount of water his crops need for the day.

A ditch rider has been called across a 50 miles canal to address a water level issue that they see on the far end, and rather than drive that 50 miles, they can adjust the gate to fix the issue remotely.

A water master for a canal can start each day remotely and automatically have gates that were once entirely manual, automatically communicate their levels to each other, and efficiently deliver the necessary water orders for the day with no wear on their vehicle at all.

CDi Gate Automation Kits Available Now!

If scenarios such as these would make your organization run more efficiently, contact us to find out how we can make them a reality.
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