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We Sell Solutions, Not Products

We know that every client’s challenges are unique. Our goal is to install infrastructure that streamlines operations with reliable equipment backed by our industry-best customer support. All of this comes with the guarantee that our solutions will reduce operational costs for the challenges being addressed. Simply put, over time an investment in a CDi solution will pay for itself.


At Control Design, we like to say “We are at our best when the signal is at its worst”. But what does that really mean? If you have telemetry data to get from point A to point B, it doesn’t matter if the data needs to travel the distance of the factory floor or clear across the state, we can do that! Rugged canyon filled terrain, no problem. Does the line from point A to point B cross a mountain? We will get your data there. With our proprietary RTU and radio modem combo unit we can pass data from any standard sensor to where you need it. Supporting analog, digital and SDI-12 inputs, our CD120 is the backbone solution to your telemetry needs.

Canal Monitoring

In order to be responsible with our precious resources, we need to know what is happening with them in real time. We recognize that your canal and your district’s needs are unique. Our equipment, combined with our powerful proprietary operating system, enable us to offer you limitless solutions to your canal monitoring needs. Utilizing our CD103 Bubbler unit, or your own supplied metering device, we can measure canal level at multiple points. Does your canal have a weir? We can calculate and display flow over your weirs in real time. We can also interface with any installed flow measuring equipment so that you can see what your water is doing at all times. We can also provide data logging at user defined intervals, and securely transmit the data to your main office. With a custom-made program, specific to your canal and equipment, there are no limits on how we can help you monitor your canal. A standard canal monitoring site would include one CD103 Bubble Unit for measuring upstream and downstream level, a CD120 RTU/PLC combo unit, various customer provided metering devices, and a custom-made program tailored to the specifics of the site. All powered by a local solar panel and battery, because sustainability is our responsibility.

Gate Automation

Keeping costs down and productivity up is always an advantage. We can automate any motorized gate. With the ability to provide remote control and monitoring, level, flow or time-based controls to a motorized gate, our equipment can do the heavy turning for you, freeing up your employees to be where you really need them.

Don’t have motorized gates? Our bolt on Gate Automation package can bring your canal system into the 21st century!

Weather Monitoring

Weather data can be crucial to your operations. With the Control Design Weather Station, we can put soil moisture and temperature; air temperature, pressure, vapor and relative humidity; wind direction, speed and gust speeds; precipitation; solar radiation; and lightning data, all in your hands. Our recent partnership with METER Group has enabled us to provide you the most cutting edge of weather monitoring technology. Utilizing SDI-12 communications, we can gather data from an unlimited number of sensors, and transmit both real time and averaged data to where you need it most.

Preservation By Design

At Control Design, it’s not just our business to help
clients optimize natural resource management, we
feel it’s our responsibility. Our mission is to be good
stewards of what we have so that generations that
follow will have it too.

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